Logo Design

Logo is the face of a company. Just like people express themselves through what they wear, a company’s products or services are also expressed to a large extent by its logo. Our designers work towards summarizing your company in a small picture, in the form of a visually compelling logo with a great concept behind it.

Logo comprises of an essential section in graphic design, and one of the most challenging part. Impower Solutions follows a specific protocol to identify the prospective logo colors. Within an organizational sector, color mapping is the process through which the potent colors are significantly identified, mapped and gauged. Choosing a syndicate's emblem color is a paramount factor because it sticks to your entity as long as the body exists. It also segregates you from the fellow competitors.

  • Our logo designers have proven skills in designing logos for reputed brands. We also design collaterals including:
  •  Business cards
  •  Letterheads
  •  Envelopes
  •  Brochures
  •  Diaries
  • To help you avoid printing and distribution overhead, we provide cost-effective solutions in the form of:
  •  Corporate presentations (Flash / Powerpoint)
  •  E-Catalog / E-Brochure
  •  Video Presentations
  • Our logo design process:
  •  3 options to choose from
  •  Optimized design
  •  100% original idea
  •  Revisions on the chosen style
  •  Unlimited color options